A Little Something about the Alpaca Fiber – Infograph

A Little Something about the Alpaca Fiber - Infograph

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Beat the Heat with Alpaca Dresses

All Year Round Fashion

Beat the Heat with Alpaca DressesSome people might think that it’s a crazy idea to use a woolen fabric all year round. However, if you do a little research, you will be amazed to know that Alpaca wool has many special properties which no other wool possesses. Alpaca fiber is a weather-friendly fabric which is naturally equipped with microscopic air sockets which provide insulation in winters and its breathable texture keeps your body cool in summers. So, if you’re planning to stack your wardrobe with some fancy pieces which can you sport round the year, get yourself an Alpaca dress.

Alpaca Dresses

Due to the rising demand of Alpaca garments, having an Alpaca dress has become a status symbol for many high-end customers. Because it is exceptionally light weight, it can be worn easily without having to carry extra weight attached to your body. The alpaca clothing stores are filled with women’s dresses which are sure to make you standout in a crowd. From vintage inspired pieces to modern coats and jackets, you can select from a vast collection of dresses as per your preferences and style. Create your own style by complementing your dress with a hand-embellished Alpaca scarf or a glittery neck piece. Alpaca clothing is wearable art – get creative by trying new combinations.

An Alpaca dress is sure to gain everyone’s attention wherever you go.

Fashion Ramp’s New Attraction

Recently, the fashion world’s legend, Calvin Klein, showcased his collection of modern dresses made of Alpaca fiber. It consisted of ready-to-wear lines which are meant to be worn all year long. Other designer’s collections included luxurious Alpaca sweaters and versatile accessories which offered a delicate look for everyday and special events. The meticulously handcrafted coats that were made of the finest grade of baby alpaca wool were not only eye catching, but also dramatically bold.

Special Care

Beat the Heat with Alpaca DressesTo ensure its durability and fineness, this delicate fabric needs to be handled very carefully. It should be hand washed using mild detergents or shampoos. If your machine is equipped with a wool wash option, you may also machine wash it. Always use cool water as hot water may damage its yarn. Avoid twisting it or spinning it in a dryer. Drying you Alpaca dress in a dryer may deform the shape or shrink its size. Please refrain from bleaching or using other harsh chemicals.

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What the Different Necks on Your Alpaca Sweaters Say about Your Personality

What the Different Necks on Your Alpaca Sweaters Say about Your PersonalityHave you ever wondered what the different sweater styles say about your personality? Here is a fun review depicting your personality according to the neck style you wear. Sweaters are the best clothing for winters as they keep you cozy during the chilly winds. A variety of Alpaca sweaters are available for both men and women. Alpaca sweaters are available in all sizes, colors and designs to warm you in style. The different designs you can adorn make your winters colorful and also reflect the kind of personality you may have:

Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtleneck sweater is the most common type of sweater during the winter season and also the most comfortable. Alpaca sweaters are a delight to wear with their soft fabric and beautiful designs. You want to keep wearing them in the harsh winter weather and they are great if they can take you all around without a hint of cold.

Personality: your personality if you love wearing the turtleneck Alpaca Sweaters is dependable and trustworthy. Your friends turn to you for advice. You are drawn to traditional clothing with a modern touch and you are classy and fashionable.

Crewneck Sweaters

Crewneck Alpaca sweaters come easy around your neck and keep you feeling warm and settled. Available in chic colors for women, crewneck sweaters also give off the holiday vibes for men who love to wear their sweaters in celebration for Christmas. Crewneck sweaters keep you happy and festive.

Personality: if you love the holiday season and look forward to it, crewneck Alpaca sweaters are the thing with you. Adorn them in bold colors or reindeer woven designs to celebrate the winters and holidays. People who wear crewnecks are cheerful and happy whether they are the life of a party or snuggling comfortably in their home after a tiring day with friends.

V-neck Sweaters

V-neck Alpaca sweaters are the most popular and trendiest among women. Men can also buy them in handsome colors like grays and browns which can make them look attractive. Women can achieve a chic look with the V-neck sweaters whether it is for a run to buy groceries or a night out with friends.

Personality: you are bold and stylish with a flair for creativity if you are adorning the trendy V-neck Alpaca sweater. You like to experiment and are hopeful about life. You look forward to the next step with upright boldness and can take on any challenge thrown your way.

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What’s Sizzling Hot in Winters This Year – Alpaca Ruanas

What’s Sizzling Hot in Winters This Year – Alpaca RuanasOne of the hottest trends this winter is the Alpaca ruanas wrap. A ruana is like a poncho but open from the front. It is a free flowing wrap which you can style according to your convenience. It gives ladies the style, comfort and warmth all of which are most required in winters. Made of a warm and cozy fabric Alpaca ruanas are the trendiest thing this winters. Available in many colors and fabrics, ladies can choose to style their outfit with a knitted or woven wool Alpaca ruana. These are available in many colors ranging from the basic black and brown to bright oranges, pinks and blues.

The best thing about ruanas is that it comes in a free size. This makes ruanas a perfect winter gift also to hand out to your friends or family!

How You Can Style an Alpaca Ruana

Alpaca ruanas add color and style to your dress and can be worn with slim-fit jeans or over a short skirt.  It won’t come in the way while you do your work, as it neatly covers your shoulders and your arms are free to move about. You can wear an Alpaca ruana by wrapping one end over your should or you can also wear it like a cape by tying it loosely around the waist using a belt. Alpaca ruanas give a chic look and dress you up when you are wearing simple clothes.

You can also wear it like a poncho by attaching both ends just below your neck with a brouche to give yourself f that warm and covered look. Another style of wearing Alpaca ruanas is to wrap both ends of it around your shoulders; this will give you the sleek and formal look when you are heading out in cold winters to a dinner party or formal gathering.

Celebrities Spotted wearing Ruanas

Being the hottest trend for this winter season, many celebrities were spotted wearing Alpaca ruanas.

Kate Benckinsale was spotted with her husband, looking stylish and elegant donning a ruanas to keep her warm in the winter weather. The couple was going to take their daughter for a bite after her ice skating performance.

Kate Hudson, Lily Allen and Sandra Bullock were seen wearing ruanas in New York while going about their business in the cold weather. Whether the matter is of style or coziness, ruanas are the perfect in-thing for this winter to keep yourself stylishly warm.

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Quick Steps to Knitting

Quick Steps to KnittingKnitting is an art and a very relaxing hobby for some. Using alpaca yarn, beginners can easily knit any type of garment they want. There are two basic stitches which are used when kitting any kinds of garment: the purl stitch and the knit stitch. Follow the easy guide to learn the basics and quick steps to knitting using alpaca yarn:


The basic supplies which you will need are knitting needles and yarn. You can choose any color of the alpaca yarn; you want the garment to be.

Making a Slip Knot

Leave a 4” tail and make a loop with the remaining alpaca yarn coming off of the yarn ball. Flip the tail under the loop so that it goes beneath the centre of the created loop from behind.

Now, just slightly pull the tail through the loop. In this way, you will have created a top loop through which you should now place one of your needles.

Your slip knot is ready by pulling the loop tightly around the needle.

Casting On

The next step when you have mastered the slip knot with your alpaca yarn is the casting on.

Hold the needle with the slip knot in your left hand. Now, push the needle in your right hand through he slip knot and place it behind the other needle.

Wrap the alpaca yarn from the yarn ball around the needle in your right hand and between the needles. Pull the yarn you just wrapped around through the slip knot loop by pushing the right hand needle against the left hand needle.

Now you should have one loop on each needle: the slip knot loop in the left hand and another loop around the right hand needle.

Push both the loops to the top of the needle and transfer the loop to the left hand needle.

You will now have two loops on the left hand needle. For the next loop, wrap the alpaca yarn around the right hand needle again and repeat the process. You can cast as many stitches as you like in this way.

Casting Off

Knit the first two stitches onto the right hand needle to cast off on a knit row. Put the left handed needle into the first stitch by keeping the alpaca yarn at the back of the work.

Take it off the needle by lifting this stitch over the second stitch. There will be only one stitch on the right needle now.

Knit another stitch until you reach the end of the row. Slip this off the needle when there is only stitch left and thread the yarn through the loop to secure it.

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Draw Attention to the Centre

Draw Attention to the CentreWhen it comes to decorating your home, Alpaca rugs can make the difference to your home outlook. Rugs give the place a sophistication and classiness that normally isn’t achievable. Rugs are available in a large variety, designs and colors in the Alpaca clothing store. Made from alpaca yarn, alpaca rugs are famous for their fur skin which feels smooth when placed on the surface.

Alpaca clothing store houses a wide variety of home décor items as well made of the finest alpaca yarn. Home décor items include rugs, hand painted mirrors and wood sculptures which are beautifully crafted. Placing them around the house can give you your home a lively look and feel. If your living room is the family meeting place, which it happens to be for most families you should decorate it carefully.

Decorating With Rugs

Placing a rug in the centre enhances the beauty of the centre table and a beautifully woven rug can give certain grandeur to your home which may lack otherwise. Placing rugs in the centre add texture color and dimension to your living space. You can place a smaller rug purchased from the Alpaca clothing store over a larger rug. It gives warmth and look of deep comfort. Rugs look inviting when laid in your living room. Smaller rugs could be anything from a bigger scale pattern to a needlepoint. They just add grace and enhance the overall look of the place. You can also match the color of the rug with your window curtains to add a theme to the living room.

Some More Tips

You can also decorate other areas of your house with rugs from the Alpaca clothing store. You can place a rug under your bed, a certain beautifully woven piece which complements the pastels of your walls and the overall room décor. Whenever you will step down from the bed, you can feel the warm surface of the rug instead of the cold hard floor.

Draw Attention to the CentreYou can place larger rugs on the entrance to your house or outdoor rugs are also popular with many people. They are a great way to create that comforting look on the outside of your home where you would want to sit and relax, alone or with your family.

Rugs are admired by all cultures and people around the world and it is an essential home décor item. Alpaca clothing store offers you the rugs made of the finest alpaca yarn which will most suit your home and you will be able to effectively utilize the lonely space of your living room with a fine-looking rug.

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How to Buy an Alpaca Sweater

How to Buy an Alpaca SweaterAlpaca fiber is famous for its exceptional softness and its beautiful sheen. This is a luxury fabric and it is gaining popularity by the day because it is hand knitted, beautiful, warmer and softer than normal wool and more long lasting. Peru has best makers of hand knitted Alpaca garments. This place also hosts the largest herds of Alpacas in the world.

So the question is why are Alpaca sweaters so expensive? Alpaca breeding is a slow process that takes an entire year, when the ‘fabric’ of the sweater is growing slowly, inch by inch on their body. The fiber of this garment does not decompose like other woolen fabrics and the sweater will last for generations. Really, it will. This sweater will also be always soft and cozy. These garments are an investment and they will pay off for a long time. So seriously decide what you can live with for the rest of your life before you pay that much dough for the nice looking sweater you just bought.

How to decide which alpaca garment is good? The one, unconditional sign of a good alpaca sweater is that they will be soft to touch. If the fiber is fuzzy or fluffy than it is made of poor quality Alpaca fiber or it is not hundred percent pure Alpaca fiber. They are mixed with Merino wool or acrylic. A good quality Alpaca fiber is like sleek human hair to the touch. It is incredibly smooth, soft and sleek with a shine and sheen that is responsible for its elegant look.

How to Buy an Alpaca SweaterThese garments do not itch either. The itch in wool comes from a material called lanolin that is present in regular natural wool but is lacking in Alpaca fiber. That is why the substance is not itchy. If an Alpaca wool sweater itches even a little bit than you are not looking at a hundred percent pure Alpaca fiber sweater.

Alpaca sweaters are expensive for all the right reasons. From breeding to production to hand knitting, the extra money is going to another common man. So if your Alpaca sweater is cheap, it is probably not Alpaca. A real Alpaca sweater distributor cannot afford to sell his goods on a lower price. The only place where a lower price for Alpaca is legit is the villages in high Andes Mountains as there the animal is very abundant.

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