Alpacas- The Mystical Beings That Produce Glorious Fiber

Alpacas- The Mystical Beings That Produce Glorious FiberAlpaca is an animal that is bred all across the United States to procure fiber. This animal is famous for its unique beauty and charisma. These animals are easy to fall in love with and each seems to have an individuality just waiting to be discovered. This is one of the significant reasons why alpacas are famous in the United States.

Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca is considered a luxurious thread as it is still not commercially processed by large mills of America. Alpaca yarn is processed by either the owners of the animal or small cottage mills all across the United States. This is the prime reason for the fiber’s exclusive identity. The other important factor is that this material is light weight and still is thrice as warm as normal wool. This material is hypoallergenic, completely lanolin- free and yet extremely strong and soft. The fiber has sixteen naturally occurring shades ranging from white to fawn to brown, black and grey. They are also dye-able in all colors. They do not lose their gloss or quality in the dying process either. They are an absolute delight for the hand spinners. They are converted from raw fiber to Alpaca yarn, Alpaca socks, Alpaca gloves, hats and many other winter garments. Many ranches are converting fiber into bats for spinning, quilting and felting for rovers.

Alpaca users are presented with enormous variety of production possibilities. Felted alpaca is used to make beautiful hats, purses as well vests. Alpaca yarn is used in knitting scarves, gloves etc.

Alpaca Breeding

Alpaca breeders are famous for their love for the animal. Alpacas are beautiful and peaceful animals and their owners put their well being and breeding above everything else. Alpaca breeding is done as a part time job by individuals from a vast professional diversity and yet some breeders are in alpaca breeding business as a day job. Yet the part time breeders of alpacas also yearn for the day when they will be raising alpacas as their main profession.

A baby alpaca is called ‘Cria’. Alpacas are inter- bred for developing more diverse breeds by the owners on a regular basis.

Alpacas have a beautiful habit of humming and their love and lack of hostility makes them very good pets as well. Perhaps, the good nature of an Alpaca is the reason Alpaca yarn is so exceptionally beautiful and amazing.

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