Alpaca Clothing Stores- The Peruvian Origins and the Andes Roots

Alpaca Clothing Stores- The Peruvian Origins and the Andes RootsAlpaca sweater is coming more and more in fashion. This material is soft, fancy and much warmer than any other material. Alpaca clothing stores are opening all across the globe and fashion designers from US, Asia and Europe are becoming more and more attracted to using this material in their winter collection and designs. As Alpaca fiber is imported from Peru, the discovery of this fiber has also shed some light on Peruvian culture and clothing style. Peruvian apparel is becoming all the more desirable and attractive to the international fashionistas.

Alpaca and Peruvian Trends

Many of Peruvian clothing trends revolve around Alpaca fiber anyhow as alpaca stocks are a naturally occurring phenomenon of the region. Many areas of this region utilize Alpaca fiber for their clothing needs as well as aspirations as this fiber is abundantly available to the local cloth makers. But as the warmth, strength, lightness and hypoallergenic nature of the material makes it more attractive to the international market, the international fashion gurus look to the first designers of Alpaca clothing, the Peruvians.

This wool is available naturally in a very long range of colors and shades. Consequently, the same range of colors dominates the Peruvian fashion sense and clothing combinations. Many fashion designers take these designs and color combinations to create their own seasonal collection of Alpaca wear.

This material is also famous in traditional Peruvian clothing because the material of these clothes is light and warm, so that an Alpaca sweater feels very light and warm to the skin unlike regular woolen sweaters that are heavy and stuffy. When wearing a normal woolen sweater an entire day, a person may feel hot, sticky and stuffy but an Alpaca sweater will always feel light. But it will be either as much warm or even warmer than any other usual cotton sweater.

Alpaca- The Animal

The Alpacas are relatives of camels, as their physical appearance clearly shows. These creatures have lived in Andes for thousands of years and eventually adapted to the harsh and extreme weathers, rough mountains, strong climate and all other rough patches that these mountains have to offer. This wool is not only durable and water resistant but softer than a sheep’s wool as well. This wool is used in making of garments ranging from jackets to blankets to sweaters. Alpaca is unique in a sense that it holds warmth in it even when it is wet. As it is made out of a natural and renewable resource, it is also gentle to the ecosystem.

These clothes are a must try and a definite buy. We would surely encourage you to take a Peruvian turn in style and try something Alpaca.

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