Cape Making; How to Make a Simple yet Elegant Poncho

Cape Making; How to Make a Simple yet Elegant PonchoDo you like Alpaca capes in winter? Who doesn’t? It provides sheen and a style to all stuffy clothes and sweaters and warm clothes that cover our entire existence. Making a cape is fun, simple and very cool. These capes can be used for fashion design as well as costume making. This design has been in use for ages to keep a person warm and is considered a status symbol by some cultures. They are a part of cultures all across the world, from Russian folklore of Red Riding Hood to modern tales of crime and punishment in the Batman and Superman series.

The first method for making capes is simple and requires items that are readily available at home. These Alpaca capes are called Over- Throw Capes or ponchos. This cape is open from both sides and spreads on your shoulders.


  • Take out a blanket, sheet or any other suitable fabric. This fabric needs to be large enough to go over the shoulders of the wearer and cover the torso and upper body of the person.
  • Now cut this cloth into a rectangular or square shape. Rectangular shape offers more room and more space. To avoid fraying, stitch it from all sides.
  • Now fold the piece of cloth into half, find the focal point at the top of the folded cloth. This is where you will make a circle for the head to come out.
  • Now cut the head and neck hole. This step can be taken in two ways; using a fabric marker, draw a half circle into the focal point. Now cut out the half circle but as you are cutting the two sides, it will cut out as a full circle. A simpler way is to simply slit through the center across the fabric.
  • Again, to prevent fraying, stitch around the circle. You can use simple stitching styles like blanket stitch and others. If you want to decorate the center edge, use a fancy stitch like a braid around the whole.

Cape Making; How to Make a Simple yet Elegant PonchoThis Alpaca cape is usable in all kinds of ways; you can use it as a fashion trend or when the weather is mildly cold. Or you can use it at a Native American themed party to claim your rightful role as an elder. This can be used to make medieval tunics as well by simply adding a belt and making sleeves.

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