How to Buy an Alpaca Sweater

How to Buy an Alpaca SweaterAlpaca fiber is famous for its exceptional softness and its beautiful sheen. This is a luxury fabric and it is gaining popularity by the day because it is hand knitted, beautiful, warmer and softer than normal wool and more long lasting. Peru has best makers of hand knitted Alpaca garments. This place also hosts the largest herds of Alpacas in the world.

So the question is why are Alpaca sweaters so expensive? Alpaca breeding is a slow process that takes an entire year, when the ‘fabric’ of the sweater is growing slowly, inch by inch on their body. The fiber of this garment does not decompose like other woolen fabrics and the sweater will last for generations. Really, it will. This sweater will also be always soft and cozy. These garments are an investment and they will pay off for a long time. So seriously decide what you can live with for the rest of your life before you pay that much dough for the nice looking sweater you just bought.

How to decide which alpaca garment is good? The one, unconditional sign of a good alpaca sweater is that they will be soft to touch. If the fiber is fuzzy or fluffy than it is made of poor quality Alpaca fiber or it is not hundred percent pure Alpaca fiber. They are mixed with Merino wool or acrylic. A good quality Alpaca fiber is like sleek human hair to the touch. It is incredibly smooth, soft and sleek with a shine and sheen that is responsible for its elegant look.

How to Buy an Alpaca SweaterThese garments do not itch either. The itch in wool comes from a material called lanolin that is present in regular natural wool but is lacking in Alpaca fiber. That is why the substance is not itchy. If an Alpaca wool sweater itches even a little bit than you are not looking at a hundred percent pure Alpaca fiber sweater.

Alpaca sweaters are expensive for all the right reasons. From breeding to production to hand knitting, the extra money is going to another common man. So if your Alpaca sweater is cheap, it is probably not Alpaca. A real Alpaca sweater distributor cannot afford to sell his goods on a lower price. The only place where a lower price for Alpaca is legit is the villages in high Andes Mountains as there the animal is very abundant.

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