Quick Steps to Knitting

Quick Steps to KnittingKnitting is an art and a very relaxing hobby for some. Using alpaca yarn, beginners can easily knit any type of garment they want. There are two basic stitches which are used when kitting any kinds of garment: the purl stitch and the knit stitch. Follow the easy guide to learn the basics and quick steps to knitting using alpaca yarn:


The basic supplies which you will need are knitting needles and yarn. You can choose any color of the alpaca yarn; you want the garment to be.

Making a Slip Knot

Leave a 4” tail and make a loop with the remaining alpaca yarn coming off of the yarn ball. Flip the tail under the loop so that it goes beneath the centre of the created loop from behind.

Now, just slightly pull the tail through the loop. In this way, you will have created a top loop through which you should now place one of your needles.

Your slip knot is ready by pulling the loop tightly around the needle.

Casting On

The next step when you have mastered the slip knot with your alpaca yarn is the casting on.

Hold the needle with the slip knot in your left hand. Now, push the needle in your right hand through he slip knot and place it behind the other needle.

Wrap the alpaca yarn from the yarn ball around the needle in your right hand and between the needles. Pull the yarn you just wrapped around through the slip knot loop by pushing the right hand needle against the left hand needle.

Now you should have one loop on each needle: the slip knot loop in the left hand and another loop around the right hand needle.

Push both the loops to the top of the needle and transfer the loop to the left hand needle.

You will now have two loops on the left hand needle. For the next loop, wrap the alpaca yarn around the right hand needle again and repeat the process. You can cast as many stitches as you like in this way.

Casting Off

Knit the first two stitches onto the right hand needle to cast off on a knit row. Put the left handed needle into the first stitch by keeping the alpaca yarn at the back of the work.

Take it off the needle by lifting this stitch over the second stitch. There will be only one stitch on the right needle now.

Knit another stitch until you reach the end of the row. Slip this off the needle when there is only stitch left and thread the yarn through the loop to secure it.

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