What’s Sizzling Hot in Winters This Year – Alpaca Ruanas

What’s Sizzling Hot in Winters This Year – Alpaca RuanasOne of the hottest trends this winter is the Alpaca ruanas wrap. A ruana is like a poncho but open from the front. It is a free flowing wrap which you can style according to your convenience. It gives ladies the style, comfort and warmth all of which are most required in winters. Made of a warm and cozy fabric Alpaca ruanas are the trendiest thing this winters. Available in many colors and fabrics, ladies can choose to style their outfit with a knitted or woven wool Alpaca ruana. These are available in many colors ranging from the basic black and brown to bright oranges, pinks and blues.

The best thing about ruanas is that it comes in a free size. This makes ruanas a perfect winter gift also to hand out to your friends or family!

How You Can Style an Alpaca Ruana

Alpaca ruanas add color and style to your dress and can be worn with slim-fit jeans or over a short skirt.  It won’t come in the way while you do your work, as it neatly covers your shoulders and your arms are free to move about. You can wear an Alpaca ruana by wrapping one end over your should or you can also wear it like a cape by tying it loosely around the waist using a belt. Alpaca ruanas give a chic look and dress you up when you are wearing simple clothes.

You can also wear it like a poncho by attaching both ends just below your neck with a brouche to give yourself f that warm and covered look. Another style of wearing Alpaca ruanas is to wrap both ends of it around your shoulders; this will give you the sleek and formal look when you are heading out in cold winters to a dinner party or formal gathering.

Celebrities Spotted wearing Ruanas

Being the hottest trend for this winter season, many celebrities were spotted wearing Alpaca ruanas.

Kate Benckinsale was spotted with her husband, looking stylish and elegant donning a ruanas to keep her warm in the winter weather. The couple was going to take their daughter for a bite after her ice skating performance.

Kate Hudson, Lily Allen and Sandra Bullock were seen wearing ruanas in New York while going about their business in the cold weather. Whether the matter is of style or coziness, ruanas are the perfect in-thing for this winter to keep yourself stylishly warm.

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